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July 17th, 2010 Author: admin

Back in the 1900’s when undergarments were first worn fabrics used were Linen before the introduction of cotton from Egypt and then from India. While the French Lingerie applies to all undergarments, Linge “washables” as in faire de linge “do the laundry” in English it is specifically directed toward women’s underwear, which is visually appealing or erotic. By the 1980s, wire-reinforced bras had turn out to be the number-one seller. Women, who needed additional support, used that kind of bras and till now females are stick to these bras.

lingerie history 1767

Today the push up bras is very popular among young and older generations. Today’s silhouette varies in shape – but always looks good in sexy lingerie. Imagining how far lingerie has come (from the push-up corsets of ancient Greece, to the push-up bra of today), it should be mentioned that the history of sexy lingerie proves one fact that some things never change. apparently, the purpose hasn’t changed as women still want to look sexy. The method appeared to be the only thing that has changed.

sexy seductive push-up

In the UK since the middle of 1990s females have happened to have more choice in bra sizes with the thought of existing a perfect size fitting bra. Correctly organized advertising campaign made women aware of the necessity of wear correct fitting bra wearing. With the lingerie market growth, the choice of underwear was expanding as well: from g-string, boxer style, midi, thong, lace, jeweled, square pants and crotch less, Camisole vest and shorts, Body stockings, bodysuits.

Lise Charmel Sexy Fatale

Stockings appeared in the variety of fishnet, sheer, opaque, holdups, pop socks. Bedtime wear became sexier from the old-fashioned cotton nightgowns to silk nightdresses, baby dolls, short sets, teddies and boyfriend shirts. Today woman are wearing what they want and what they suppose to be sexy. Underneath clothing became not only a necessity, but also an article of luxury and sensuality.

sheer bodysuit

We now have a society that allows much more freedom than in the past that’s why we have lighter, lacier and sexier material for lingerie. With more liberal ideas of how much body can be bared and numerous men who adores sexy lingerie we have become more tolerant. So the goal of the lingerie industry remains the same – to create an image of a woman who’s desirable and sexy.

Is Trasparenze trying to branch out?

December 21st, 2009 Author: Monika

Trasparenze has always been known as the king of kings when it comes to women’s  hosiery namely stockings and tights. Luxurious designs, quality material and rather good marketing campaigns have served them well in the past. One can not help wonder though if they are trying to branch out but doing it in a half  hearted fashion.

One look at their website will reveal pages and pages of gorgeous stocking, stay ups and tights. We then move to their shirt section and I see nothing special. There are about ten designs, ( don’t be fooled as the same designs appear on different pages ) that do not seem to excel themselves. I would of liked to see more pictures.

Their lingerie section actually has nothing in it. Lets be fair, maybe I am hitting their website at the wrong time of the year and they are currently updating it for their Spring / summer 2010 colleciton which I am looking forward to seeing by the way. Personally I feel that Trasparenze should stay to doing what they do best. Luxury women’s tights and stockings.

French Lingerie designers to take notice of.

December 20th, 2009 Author: Monika

We all know that the creme de la creme of lingerie is French. The lingerie houses of Paris have been churning out lingerie for centuries, after all the birth place of sexy, luxurious and elegant lingerie is France.  Any beliefs that it all started in America are wrong, sexy lingerie did not catch on in America until the 1950′s.

So if you a novice to French lingerie then how do you know which designers are producing cutting edge lingerie and which designers should be confined to a car boot sale for ever? Simple really we can tell you the top eight French lingerie designers to watch in 2010.


Simone Perele


Princesse Tam Tam

Bien Fee Pour Toi

Elise Aucouturier

Le Monde L’Alba

Suzanne Erman

French lingerie

Romantic lingerie from Passionata

December 17th, 2009 Author: Monika

I love the romantic lingerie designs that are coming out of Passionata for their spring / summer 2010 collection. In a total turn aorund from the current retro trends they have gone off in their own direction of inspiraiton from the 50′ and 60′s. It will be interesting to see whether other designers will head off in the same way.

The Spring / summer 2010 collection is being fronted by Bar Refaeli which is the perfect choice of model to excel the 50 and 60′s look.  The photo shoot of Bar reminds us very much of Bridgette Bardot with the bouffant hair, wide head bands and flowers in the hair.

The actual lingerie itself is a mixture of striking black, pale colors or very subtle prints. Lots of  ruffles are included but apart from that the separate designs are quite simple whilst at the same time appealing for comfort and femininity. Well done Passionata on some excellent designs, your choice of model and overall a very aggressive marketing campaign.

Axami pushing the market in sexy lingirie.

December 16th, 2009 Author: Monika

One designer that I absolutely love for sexy lingerie is Axami. Their collections of Sexy lingerie are colourful and scream at you to have fun. Their Subtil collection of course does what it says and is sexiness with bright floral prints that have a habit of not making you look mumsy. The blue collection is see through transparant lace in white with push up bras and sexy things.

My favorite which I am purchasing however is from their exclusive collection and is blacks and pinks teamed with transparent lace and a lace up front to the corset.  Put the corset together with the thongs and you really could not ask for more from a lingerie designer if you are looking to impress your man. If you want to be a bit more risky however then definitely have a look at the blue collection.  Erotic lingerie with a knack of looking classy and not trashy.


Sexy thongs….

December 13th, 2009 Author: Monika

I love wearing thongs. Not only do they eliminate the dreaded VPL but they also make me feel sexy whether I am wearing a pair of jeans or am dressed up to go out for the night. Finding a pair of thongs though that are good quality and will last is very hard.

Buying cheap thongs see them disintegrate after one spin in the washing machine. From trial and error I have decided on my  favorite designer for thongs that last, are of  good quality and make me feel like a million dollars. Well Lise Charmel  after all. An  expert designer  that has a knack of knowing what woman want and how to provide it.

Voilet and gold lace thing. Fantasme a Deux collection from Lise Charmel.

Voilet and gold lace thing. Fantasme a Deux collection from Lise Charmel.

Black Lace thong from Lise Charmel. Paris Frivole collection

Black Lace thong from Lise Charmel. Paris Frivole collection

Corin Lingerie needs a facelift.

December 11th, 2009 Author: Monika

Now if the image of a company is important to you when choosing a lingerie designer then you may be tempted to totally bypass  Corin. I did at first but went back to take a second look at their products. I am rather ashamed that someone who is producing top quality lingerie like them can not put in place an image overhaul however that is their problem not mine. I am there for luxury lingerie and I want to know what I can  find.

I am very impressed with their  current fashion collection with my favorite lingerie set being the Lazurite bra and  pants set. A mixture of black satin covered with Grey and white lace forms a push up bra and a pair of hipsters pants. This set seems to be very similar to the Flint set and one could put together more than one set from this mixture.

Corin has their headquarters based in Poland and as such a converter for  a 70E  size bra is needed. Even though they are based in Poland they seem to take a lot of their inspirations from French designers as we see a lot of the tell tales signs in the current collections, namely the use of black and red lace.

They sell their products in France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Israel, Lithuania, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, Singapore and the USA. So next time you see a Corin supplier selling their luxury lingerie, be sure to take a look and I think you will be quite surprised.


Lingerie in your handbag?

December 8th, 2009 Author: Monika

Any women knows what the nickname of chicken fillets refers to, however we are not quite sure that we would like inflatable ones  to carry around with us. My handbag is already full of lipsticks, brushes, mirrors and lists of  things to do. The thought of carrying around my own chicken fillets to pump up and down when ever I please  is not appealing to me.

I want to have them already inserted into my bra and for them to stay there all day.  Debenhams however seems to have different ideas. They have put on sale chicken fillets at the price of £5.00 and you can take them in and out of your bra as you please. As if I will sit at the bus stop and reach inside my brassiere to pull out what is giving me the cleavage to die from.

The bra pads  are meant to be different because they are inflatable. Apparently you squeeze a pump button and the pads will inflate as big or as small as you like. Pardon me for pointing this out however I  will get strange looks if  my breasts are two sizes smaller than they were one minute ago.

My advice to Debenhams is to give it up as a bad job. We have the padded bra, we have chicken fillets, we have the option of breast surgery. Inflatable breast pads are just something that will go down in history as the worst lingerie invention ever.

Push up Bras

Designer spotlight

December 6th, 2009 Author: Monika

We feel that one designer that needs a special mention is Damaris. She keeps coming out with fantastic collection one after the other. Considering she orignally started out as a clothes designer she has done rather well in the competitive lingerie industry. Her products scream luxury and sexiness whilst at the same time being down to earth.

Recently only the rich and famous could afford her products however she then branched into making her products available for everyone. Her current Bourbon collections is possible one of her best. A delightful mixture of Lilac and orange makes for a wonderful combination with eye catching sexy lace.

The Mimi Holliday collection displayed on her website also includes luxury lingerie at it’s best, including Snow drop, Rosanda and Rose d’amour. Damaris is only in her twenty’s and to be able to achieve what she has done at such a young age definitely calls for respect when it comes to the competitive world of Luxury lingerie design.

Luxury lingerie

Sexy lingerie from Bordelle

December 4th, 2009 Author: Monika

If you are looking for top notch sexy lingerie then take my word for it that Bordelle is the place to go. Their designs are so cutting edge and ooze sexiness from every stitch and cut. Their current collections are staying away from the now retro in look and it is a change to see black, whites and reds  being used to make a women feel like she is the most beautiful woman in the world.

They must be getting something right as women from all over the world are buying their sexy lingerie in their New York, Paris, Berlin and London stores. Try not to shop from their website as it is a bit slow but go to the website anyway to see the fabulous designs that they are churning out to make women feel instantly sexy.

Sexy lingerie from Bordelle

Sexy lingerie from Bordelle

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